• What is the purpose of the "List" view of commitments?

    The "List of commitments" vision gathers all the public declarations of financial actors collected on a voluntary basis. The publication and analysis of these commitments is part of the Sustainable Finance Observatory's mission to bring transparency and harmonize practices in the financial marketplace to improve sustainable initiatives and communications.

    After an initial global collection with the professional federations, each player was contacted again to refine the information specific to their individual commitments.

    A commitment guide is available in the "Resources" section. It has been submitted to the Steering Committee for approval, as well as to the supervisors.

  • What is a compliant commitment?

    To be identified as compliant, a commitment must be structured and contain essential information, i.e., it must be anchored in a non-financial perspective, clearly specify the financial assets concerned and the scope of its action, have a timetable and a clear and measurable objective. If a commitment does not meet these minimum criteria, it is identified as a "statement" with no binding terms.

    The compliance criteria were developed in coordination with the supervisors. They do not apply to commitments related to participation in initiatives (1.7 and 2.7) and governance.

  • What is a Monitored Commitment?

    A commitment identified as Monitored has been collected with a public URL to show that its progress is being tracked and reported by the financial actor. Monitoring a commitment is a good practice to ensure that the commitment is being implemented.

  • What are the reading grids?

    The purpose of the reading grids is to simplify the understanding of individual commitments. As the wording of the commitments varies greatly from one actor to another, this analysis using target indicators makes it easier to understand them.

    For this exercise, the reading grids were filled in as exhaustively as possible, and the analysis was carried out only with the information present in the individual commitments displayed in the List view. Additional information may be available in the public resources of each actor.

    A reading grid has been developed for each category of commitment. For the year 2021, 17 reading grids are available, corresponding to the entire "Environment" classification (except for categories 1.4 Shareholder engagement and 1.9 Other environmental exclusion).

  • Are the reading grids complete?

    For this first year, the grids have been completed in line with the information provided in the commitments as displayed in the List vision.
    Additional information may be available in the public resources of the actors. A co-construction of the tool is planned for 2022.

    It should be noted that the analysis is not complete: having received numerous returns in recent weeks, the resources mobilized did not allow for the integration of the data of the latest actors in the Reading Grids. Some financial actors may be present in the grids without the indicator line being filled in. These returns will be processed in order of arrival.