Become a funding member of the Observatory

Members can support the Observatory project financially in three different ways:

1. Financing the project as a whole

Financing the Observatory as a whole is invaluable in ensuring its independence, animating its community of members and developing new studies. The Observatory's long-term resources enable it to be proactive with financial institutions in transforming the sector, and with public authorities in promoting ambitious orientations in terms of sustainability.

2. Financing the development of existing studies

This involves supporting the methodological development of a particular study, enabling it to be regularly updated and extending its scope of analysis, for example to a new geographical area. This support is invaluable in deploying the Observatory's rigorous, independent monitoring approach on an international scale.

3. Propose funding for a new study

The Observatory hosts a number of studies. The development of its work comes as much from its teams as from its members, who can be a driving force in the exploration of new study topics or new methodologies. A member can directly finance the development of a new study, after validation by the governing bodies that uphold the Observatory's mission and values.

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Studies and working groups

Hosting a study at the Observatory

  • Observatory teams are mobilized for the coordination and operational implementation of studies, supported by working groups which are proposed to members.
  • The member financing a study is invited to make available its skills and resources in relation to the specific subject of the study (expertise in a sector, a typology of players, a geographical area, etc.).
  • The methodologies employed in the studies are reviewed and validated by the Scientific and Expertise Committee.
  • External resources, such as the Institut Louis Bachelier's network of researchers, its ESG Lab and Data Lab, and its research chairs, can be mobilized to further the methodological work.

How do the working groups work?

  • The Observatory hosts several studies. Studies are open-access projects, publications or data tables.
  • The Observatory teams lead one working group per study.
  • All members are invited to join one or more working groups (example: working group on the development and evolution of the Net-Zero Donut). The funding member of a study is, barring exceptions, co-supervisor with the Observatory staff member dedicated to the study.
  • Involvement of non-funding members, on a voluntary basis, is limited to analysis and proof-reading. The Observatory's teams are in charge of all operational and production work.
  • Working group decision-making procedures are set out in the Observatory's bylaws.
  • Working group meetings may be held in English if international members are present. All publications are in English and French.