• Position on the communication of figures

    This second exercise allows us to observe the evolution of data between 2020 and 2021. The historization of data is essential in order to observe the evolution of the flows and practices of the market. The Observatory wished to bring an educational dimension to the published data, so that any visitor to the site, whether a novice or an expert in the financial sector, can have a good understanding of the issues involved.

    The data has been contextualized in order to recall the stakes of each major part. For each key graph, a perspective is provided to show the scope of the data on the appropriate perimeter. For example, the number of SRI-labeled assets has been compared to the total assets in the sector.

    The Observatory does not offer consolidated data at the global level because it is not possible to aggregate all the businesses in the financial sector. Because of the differences in the businesses of the players, the financial tools involved, and the clients targeted, the calculation methodologies are not always similar.

    The communication of data on the Observatory website is done in a public way, and can be exported upon request. Civil society can use these data to conduct a more detailed analysis of the mobilization of actors over time

  • Key figures of the Observatory concerning individual commitments

    More than 350 actors are present in the individual commitments section, more than 1000 individual commitments.

  • How to export the data?

    All the data collected by the Observatory - aggregated parts and individual commitments - can be accessed upon request in the contact form.