• What credibility can the Observatory have if its governing bodies represent financial players?

    Transparency is the watchword of the Observatory, both in terms of contributors' achievements and the evolution of their commitments over time. The Observatory gives everyone access to the data provided by financial actors, without evaluating them. And lastly, the federations are best placed to provide exhaustive indicators on their respective sectors. Regulatory authorities, specifically the ACPR and the AMF, will also provide an assessment of these commitments with a critically impartial eye.

  • How do you guarantee the integrity of the Scientific and Expert Committee when its members are appointed by the Observatory, which represents the industry?

    The members of the Committee, as well as the members of the Finance ClimAct Steering Committee who confirm them are independent of Paris Financial Market actors.

  • Why were no NGOs invited to join the Observatory's Steering Committee?

    NGOs are represented via the Scientific and Expert Committee as the NGO & Think Tank College. The size of the Committee was deliberately limited so that its work can be carried out efficiently, while respecting a balance between the different colleges that make it up (Academics, NGOs / Think Tanks, Climate & CSR experts, Public Authorities).

  • Is there a risk of greenwashing?

    The Observatory has a Scientific and Expert Committee composed of independent members whose recommendations are public. These recommendations will allow the indicators to evolve and be enriched in the years to come in order to progress in the transparency of the impact of these actions and achievements. The project is also monitored by the Finance ClimAct Steering Committee led by ADEME, a government agency.

    Moreover, the public availability of data aggregated by the Observatory, the recommendations of the Scientific Committee, as well as the control carried out by the AMF and the ACPR are precisely in the direction of transparency on the implementation of the commitments made by the financial actors of the Paris market.

    The site lists the individual commitments made by financial players; it also aims to demonstrate that these commitments are being publicly monitored by the players. Indeed, beyond the simple communication of a commitment, following a commitment in a public way is a guarantee that it will be carried out. The objective is to identify the actors who publish a regular follow-up of their approaches and changes in practices. At the same time, individual commitments have been analyzed through criteria defined in coordination with the supervisors in order to highlight structured declarations with a maximum of information to limit the risk of announcement effect.

    The Observatory's website contains a large amount of data as well as methodologies used to produce these data and/or more general information on the alignment of portfolios with a 2°C scenario.

    Finally, the players have committed to continuing the methodological work within the framework of the July 2019 Market Declaration. This will enable the relevance and harmonization of reported data to be strengthened from year to year.

    The methodologies for collecting sectoral data are communicated on the website.