Sept. 27, 2021

Publication of the individual commitment guide

In order to assist actors in formulating their individual commitments, a commitment guide has been developed in coordination with the supervisors.

Individual Commitment Guide V1

In particular, the guide makes it possible to :

  • remind us of the process for collecting commitments and the involvement required of the players;
  • formalize the minimum criteria for defining a compliant commitment
  • propose typical examples of how to draft a commitment.

The Observatory's steering committee has defined five minimum criteria that must be met for a declaration to be considered a commitment. Compliance with the minimum criteria ensures that the statement is easy to read and understand. Declarations that do not comply are published on the Observatory's website but are identified as such.

Minimum criteria to be respected :

  • Classification
  • Actor's activities concerned by the commitment
  • Scope of the commitment
  • Timeframe of the commitment
  • Measurability

The guide is available here.