May 2, 2022

Take part in the Finance Climact study

Take part in the Sustainable Finance Observatory's study as part of the European Finance Climact project!

What indicators should be used to monitor the transformation of financial actors?

As part of the work carried out by the Sustainable Finance Observatory, a project led by Finance For Tomorrow within the framework of the Finance Climact project, of which ADEME is the coordinator, we are carrying out a study: "What indicators should be used to monitor the transformation of financial actors, on an individual and global scale?" in order to determine the indicators that will enable the monitoring of the transformation of financial practices and flows towards sustainable finance and the attainment of the Paris Agreement.

The objectives of this study are multiple: to identify consensus by type of stakeholder: private companies, public authorities, think-tanks/NGOs, academics in order to identify indicators that are both relevant and realistic.

The study will also make it possible to identify priorities by type of stakeholder and to highlight the methodologies used or recommended in France and internationally. We are also opening up avenues of reflection on new indicators, particularly for monitoring transition investments.

These statistical elements will make it possible to identify a limited number of indicators that are agreed upon to monitor the transformation of the financial sector and that we will be able to use in future publications of the Sustainable Finance Observatory.

Why participate?

This is an opportunity to directly influence the indicators that will be used tomorrow within the Sustainable Finance Observatory to monitor Article 2c of the Paris Agreement and that will be carried out at the European level via the Finance Climact project and at the international level via the One Planet Data Hub, a project that is currently being launched and for which the OECD could take over the governance. As a participant, you will be invited to take part in a feedback event during Climate Finance Day, and an international symposium is also envisaged in order to further develop the standards of the indicators identified during the study. Finally, contributors will have exclusive access to the results of the study in raw xml format.

Would you like to participate?

The file to be downloaded below invites you to give your opinion and your practices on various subjects.

No figures are expected to be provided and testers have indicated that they took about an hour to complete.

To be part of this study, you have until 31 May to return the completed file by email to the following address:, with a copy to

We are also available for any questions you may have about this consultation.

In what format will the results be presented?

Following this study, we will work within the Finance Climact project to produce a publication containing the statistical analyses that will emerge from the consultation.

Like the Sustainable Finance Observatory, this publication will aim to be transparent. The data received will therefore be transcribed in a neutral manner so that each of the players can subsequently use them to carry out their own analysis for internal or external use.

What indicators should be used to monitor the transformation of financial actors? - File to complete

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