Ensuring rigour...

Available to both Observatory's Steering Committee and the ClimAct Finance Steering Committee, the Scientific and Expert Committee has an advisory role. Members are jointly nominated by the Observatory and ClimAct Finance Steering Committees, with due consideration for the views of the Scientific and Expert Committee chair.

This latter committee is responsible for making recommendations to improve the quality and relevance of the Observatory's data (qualitative information and KPIs) by reviewing the principles and methods adopted for their presentation. It will also be in charge of analysing and ruling on methodological suggestions formulated by the Finance ClimAct project.

… and the scientific integrity of the Observatory

The Scientific and Expert Committee convenes twice a year, and makes a point of keeping its discussions confidential insofar as possible.

The work performed by members of the Scientific and Expert Committee is unpaid.

The Committee's recommendations are taken into consideration by the Observatory's Steering Committee, which determines whether to act on them, with particular attention to the ability of financial actors to implement said recommendations. Where changes are accepted, they take effect immediately, in the current year where possible or, where appropriate, during the next phase of data collection.

The Committee has no role in assessing the individual commitments and policies of any particular financial actor.

The Committee's published recommendations may be consulted here.