The Scientific and Expert Committee comprises 14 members.


The Committee consists of a chairman, a secretary and several colleges: two NGO members, five academic members, two representatives from public authorities and three experts with knowledge of banking and investment.

The members are appointed by the ClimAct Finance Steering Committee 'intuitu personæ'. They therefore speak on their own account and not on behalf of their institutions, exception made for the representatives of the Treasury Directorate and Ministry for the Ecological Transition, although they bring to bear the expertise and knowledge of their respective organisations.

They may also act as rapporteurs and communicate internally within the institutions they belong to.

A member of the Committee may be replaced by another individual, also appointed 'intuitu personae', on the joint proposal of the Steering Committee, the Steering Committee and the Chairman of the Scientific Committee. The parent organisation may not request an automatic replacement by another individual from the same organisation.

The secretary of the Scientific and Expert Committee assists the Chairman and ensures the smooth running of the Committee.


Pierre-Louis Lions

Pierre-Louis is a mathematician and winner of the prestigious Fields Medal. He is a professor at the Collège de France and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Institut Louis Bachelier and its "Green & Sustainable Finance" programme.

Stéphane Voisin

An expert in green finance and sustainable development, Stéphane champions the potential of Blockchain technology for positive impact of on our planet. Following a long career in the financial sector, he has worked at the Institut Louis Bachelier since 2017.

College of NGOs

Reclaim Finance
Lucie Pinson

Lucie founded Reclaim Finance after several years of campaigning for financial actors to act responsibly in the face of social, environmental and climate injustices. Previously, Lucie worked as a financial campaign manager for Friends of the Earth France.

Michel Cardona

Michel joined I4CE in 2018 to bring his expertise on the financial sector and to facilitate interactions between researchers, financial-sector actors and public authorities.

Academic College

Ana Creti

Anna Creti is a full professor at Paris Dauphine and Director of the Climate Economics Chair and the Gas Economics Chair. She is a research fellow at the École Polytechnique, Paris, and affiliated with the Siebel Institute at UC Berkeley.

Paris Dauphine, PSL
Delphine Lautier

Delphine is a professor of finance and a member of the AMF Board. Her topics of research and teaching include credit risk, speculation, sustainable development and systemic risk.

TSE, HEC Paris
Augustin Landier

As Professor of Finance at HEC, his research focuses on corporate finance, behavioural economics, asset management, organisational theory and banking economics.

ENSAE, Inst. Louis Bachelier
Peter Tankov

Professor of quantitative finance at ENSAE, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, his research also focuses on green finance and energy market finance. Peter is Deputy Director of the "Green & Sustainable Finance" programme at the Institut Louis Bachelier.

IFP EN, IRIS, Economix
Emmanuel Hache

Emmanuel, an economist, studies energy outlook issues at IFP Energies nouvelles. He is also associate research director at IRIS and an associate researcher at Economix (CNRS, Université Paris-Nanterre).

College of Public Authorities

Aurélien Girault (interim)

Sustainable Finance Officer at the Ministry of Ecological Transition / General Commission for Sustainable Development

Treasury Directorate General
Benjamin Darteville

Head of the Sustainable finance and Corporate governance's office at the French Treasury.

College of Experts

CSR and Sustainability Expert
Jérôme Courcier

Previously the CSR manager of a CAC 40 company, Jérôme serves as an expert at the ORSE (French Observatory of Corporate Social Responsibility).

Directeur associé d’I Care & C
Guillaume Neveux


International Monetary Fund
Charlotte Gardes

Economist, Charlotte is responsible for climate change, energy and financial stability issues in the IMF's Monetary and Capital Markets Department, after spending 5 years at the AMF and the French Treasury on sustainable finance and climate risk.