May 12, 2022

Hearing of the Scientific and Expert Committee regarding the 2022 recommendations

Participate in the study phase of the drafting of the 2022 recommendations of the Scientific and Expert Committee !

The Scientific and Expert Committee of the Sustainable Finance Observatory has chosen to focus its 2022 recommendations on the study of indicators in the "Transformation of financial practices and flows" section.

As a reminder, these data aim to monitor the transformation of the financial sectors towards more sustainable finance and the achievement of the objectives of the Paris Agreement. They are collected annually in collaboration with the professional federations of each sector.

This data is currently organised by financial sector and according to four categories of data: "Responsible management", "Responsible product offering", "Exit from coal" and "Responsible product offering".

The Scientific and Expert Committee is currently conducting hearings to take into account feedback from stakeholders, until the 17th of June. If you wish to be heard in this context, please contact us via the contact form here.