Oct. 26, 2021

Second year of the Sustainable Finance Observatory

Publication of the press release following Climate Finance Day 2021, and for the second year of the Sustainable Finance Observatory

Second year of the Sustainable Finance Observatory

One year after its launch, the Sustainable Finance Observatory has been enriched by integrating a follow-up of the commitments in terms of sustainable finance and the updating of indicators for monitoring the transformation of financial practices and flows. The Observatory, co-piloted by the professional federations, Finance For Tomorrow and Paris Europlace, was announced as part of the July 2, 2019 market declaration and launched on the occasion of Climate Finance Day 2020. It reports on the achievements and actions of Paris Financial Center stakeholders in green and sustainable finance for the insurance sector, banks, private equity, management companies and specialized firms.

  • Update of key figures on sustainable finance
  • Monitoring and analysis of individual commitments
  • Second series of recommendations from the Scientific and Expert Committee

For more information, see the Press Release of the 28th October 2021.