Oct. 29, 2020

Launch of the Sustainable Finance Observatory

On the occasion of Climate Finance Day, this Thursday, 29 October, the Sustainable Finance Observatory is now live!

It is the first initiative worldwide to tackle the transparency, tracking and assessment of transformations in the sector in the direction of green and sustainable finance.

This project, spearheaded by the Paris Financial Centre and the European Finance ClimAct project, is part of a shared goal of building a low-carbon economy that is resilient to climate change.

Today, nearly 355 financial-sector companies have volunteered to share their individual commitments on the Observatory's website, which also presents sectoral and aggregate data.

With this launch, the Paris Financial Centre reaffirms its leading role in the fight against climate change and, more broadly, in the development of sustainable finance. More than that, the project is a strong competitive lever at a time when public and private investors are increasingly attentive to how climate issues are taken into account.

In addition to providing an example of transparency and rigour, the Observatory seeks to prompt similar initiatives in other European and international financial centres.