The "transformation of financial practices and flows" page presents aggregate data for each financial sector illustrating how financial actors are transforming their financial management practices towards sustainable finance as well as the reallocation of their assets towards a low-carbon and inclusive economy. Reporting on the transformation of the French financial sector towards a low-carbon economy is one of the Observatory's missions.

This data was collected via the federations representing the finance industry, partners in the project.

It is currently not possible to aggregate the indicators between different professions due to the specificities of each one's activities, which require appropriate indicators for each. This explains the division of this section into 5 categories. However, work is underway to harmonize these data. The Observatory will build on this work in order to propose in future versions indicators that represent the entirety of French actors.

Below is a definition of the 4 themes used


Coal phase out

This section focuses on the strategies presented by the different actors to exit coal financing. It also presents the evolution of the different actors' exposures in this area.


Transition to a low-carbon economy

In this section, we will look at the indicators that allow us to monitor the progress of financial actors in financing the low-carbon transition. Through alignment, neutrality and carbon footprint calculations, financial actors currently have different tools to guide their climate commitments.


Responsible management

This section presents the indicators relating to responsible management, illustrating the way in which financial players integrate environmental, social and governance quality criteria into their financial practices. This involves taking ESG criteria into account in financing and investment strategies and asset allocation choices, implementing shareholder engagement and dialogue policies with invested companies or clients, and participating in national or international initiatives that help promote sustainable financial practices.


Supplying responsible products

The product offering allows savers or clients to direct their investments towards sustainable finance projects. This section presents in particular the offers of labelled products