The ASF (Association française des Sociétés Financières or French Association of Financial Companies) brings together specialist financial institutions. These are some 270 companies engaged in a wide range of activities (equipment and property leasing, factoring, guarantors to companies or individuals, investment service providers, etc.).

As regards consumer credit (revolving credit, allocated loans, personal loans, lease-to-own and more), ASF members represent nearly 50% of all outstanding loans held by credit institutions (and a majority of revolving loan transactions).

The societies for the financing of energy savings (SOFERGIE) are all members of the ASF. Their purpose is to finance — via leasing, renting and traditional lending — works, installations or equipment designed to:

  • reduce energy consumption;
  • develop renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass);
  • waste recovery, recycling and reclamation

Responsible management

Responsible management consists of taking into consideration environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria at the level of asset management companies. Responsible management may involve applying a responsible investment policy at the level of the management company or take the form of participation in broader professional initiatives. The ASF does not collect data from management companies that belong to the association. Additionally, almost all such members also belong to another professional federation, the AFG, which already contributes to the Observatory.

Coal phase-out

ASF members do not finance coal-fired power plants or thermal coal mining and extraction. They are therefore not concerned by this commitment.

Transition to a low-carbon economy

Supplying responsible products