AFG methodological note on data collection

In reporting sector data covering the Observatory's four themes for asset management, the AFG drew on multiple sources:

  • An ad-hoc survey sent in July 2020

This survey focused on themes related to divestment from coal and Responsible processes/management. The survey was sent to all asset management company (AMC) members of the AFG. A total of 65 AMCs responded to the survey. These 65 AMCs represent more than €5.336 trillion in assets under management at end December 2019, as some institutions reported on a broader range of assets than those under management in France alone.

  • Annual survey on statistics related to Responsible investment, published in May 2020:

Annual survey on statistics related to Responsible investment, published in May 2020:

AFG collected information from member portfolio management companies on their responsible investment (RI) management activities in 2019, distinguishing between funds following an SRI approach and those adopting an ESG approach. The consolidated results was were published by the AFG in collaboration with the Forum for Responsible Investment (FIR). The sample comprises of 74 AMCs for a total of 61 responses to the questionnaire (some AMC parent companies responded for all corporate entities in the group). Together, the asset management companies surveyed manage €3.606 trillion, of which €1.712 trillion in UCIs and €1.894 trillion in discretionary funds. Of the respondents, 32 asset management companies manage less than €10 billion, 19 asset management companies manage between €10 billion and €100 billion and 10 asset management companies manage more than €100 billion.

This survey's purpose was to document the commitments of management companies to offering responsible products.

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  • SRI Label

The AFG contributes to promoting the government's SRI Label and maintains a dedicated website for doing so.

Figures pertaining to SRI label statistics are drawn from this source.

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  • Ministry for the Ecological Transition

Figures for the Greenfin Label come from the website of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition:

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  • Finansol

Figures for inclusivity-based funds come from Finansol, an institution dedicated to inclusivity-based savings